Music Rooms in C-Mine / 18 November 2012

Prior to the concert of Iva Bittová you can be surprised by the Music Rooms.


This edition of the Music Rooms:



Take a seat in the lounge and listen to your chair. Stuff a room with chairs and sofas, let the people inside, and see what happens. Who sits where and for how long? Which chair do they choose? That big one in the middle or rather small one in the corner? People look at each other, they are looking for contact, or are they only concerned with themselves? With MUSICAL CHAIRS, by the British artist Bobby Petersen, it happens like that but also something more. From every chair sounds music. Where you sit determines what music it makes. Will it be a great cacophony when everyone sits? Or can you orchestrate the whole thing? Try it out!



Discover the birth of a new sound machine. A large cable squirms on the ground, but goes nowhere ... 4 major foreign scientists enter the room to present their latest invention: the IMACHINE. The squirming wire branches into hundreds of cables, which in turn run through tiny colorful boxes and equipped with slides, dials and other controls. The 4 scientists link everything together, searching and sweating until the Imachine becomes an increasingly bizarre monster, that in itself is able to play continuously, and turns images into music. A miracle that you should not miss.



Lose yourself in a fairy tale of sounds. The Forestroom is a room that is transformed into a forest of sounds through sounds and music. Wizards of service are the masterful trumpeter Jon Birdsong and harpist Jutta Troch. They deploy their instruments for a fifteen minute musical imagination. A concert that occasionally puts you on the wrong track, makes you forget the space you’re in and where every sound could be the beginning of a whole new melody.



Meet a special singer. She comes from Macedonia, has a wonderful voice and makes her own music. Who visits her music room discovers what music is to her. Her songs breathe the melancholy and the fire of the Balkans and crumble sometimes to the voice of someone who is lost in a new country in is trying to speak a new language. A language of sounds and noises that we recognize and understand, but …. still not quite understand.


Date: Sunday 18/11/2012

Place: Cultural Center C-Mine Genk

Time: At 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm


Music Rooms can only be booked in conjuction with the concert of Iva Bittová.

Combiticket Music Rooms and concert: € 8 - € 6.




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      Music Rooms in C-Mine18 November 2012